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30-09-14, 12:09
I've refereed Sat, Sun & am due to do so again tomorrow Wednesday (as an unpaid volunteer.... RFU take note!) I'm finding that I'm developing a throaty growl , that if it continues/worsens will likely impinge me completely.

Does anyone have any helpful advice to try and improve, prevent etc?? Both immediate or week to week ongoing.

I'm sure others must have experienced this?

30-09-14, 12:09
I am trying to cultivate one

Phil E
30-09-14, 13:09
Available at all good chemist and music shops.

Vocalzone (http://www.vocalzone.com/)

PS: on first sight I thought the title was Growler prevention.........which is a whole different ballgame.....cue Dickie

Simon Thomas
30-09-14, 13:09
Use body language, signals and eye contact more, reducing verbal communication to a minimum.

Eliminate white noise and restrict verbals to precise & concise commands only when required, rather than post event for effect.

Phil E
30-09-14, 13:09
restrict verbals to precise & concise commands only when required,

You did see this is Browner we are talking about :chin: :sarc:

30-09-14, 13:09
whiskey and honey!

30-09-14, 21:09
Keep drinking water. Any chance you get, take on water. Keeps the throat from drying up, with the handy side benefit of preventing dehydration.

How's your projection? Ideally, you want to achieve your command voice by adding power from your chest and stomach (I find it very hard to explain how to do this because I mostly just do it naturally), rather than leaning too hard on increasing the level of sound coming from your vocal cords.

Na Madrai
01-10-14, 10:10
I referee a lot of matches during the season - over 130 last year - and I am a pretty vocal official. A regular comment from spectators is that they are rarely left in doubt of any of my decisions. I, too, find that my voice becomes a little hoarse - on one occasion discussed on here, I lost it almost completely.

Fortunately, I have been known to indulge in am-dram on occasion and I am fortunate to be able to project my voice rather than shout so I recommend that you try to develop this skill.

Also go with TheBFG's suggestion but make sure that it is whiskey rather than whisky........

Good luck


tim White
01-10-14, 18:10
DOn't spoil even cheap whisky by putting honey in it, have them seperately.

01-10-14, 22:10
It is perfectly acceptable to add flavourings such as honey to "cooking whisky". You should add only a little cold water to real (single malt) whisky

02-10-14, 11:10
OK, thanks for the advice guys.

Post match Update :

Bought some vocalzone - they are brill, thks Phil
Don't like whiskeeey, thks anyway BFG, so went for rum & honey instead !

Ratchetted up my non verbal communication, ( partner says I looked like a NYC traffic cop ! Lol ) thanks ST. The finger to the lips indicating shhhhh also worked for all questions like " how long to half time ?"

All in all got through the game well enough, albeit did take some extra concentration.

Three days rest, vitamin C , and 3 matches lined up for next week already.

02-10-14, 11:10
You did see this is Browner we are talking about :chin: :sarc:

https://encrypted-tbn2.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcS_Z5BF2ELI98mh7YE8pK3eMli6twtro WDWIXNoHzHR1f5bBOmewA:biggrin: