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12-10-14, 07:10
Knowing the law that states the kick must be taken at or behind the half way line, how strict must it be that the kicker doesn't creep over slightly?

I referee mainly U12 and I want to set them straight with this law so is there any leeway?



12-10-14, 07:10
Sanction,,,,that should read!

12-10-14, 08:10
Just give them a gentle reminder. Something funny, "kicker when I was at school this was classed as a line"

12-10-14, 08:10
I give a little leeway - a foot or so at most. Don't be too officious on this.

If it's a bigger margin than a foot (and some will do it!)

First time it happens, I ask them 'behind or on the mark when you kick next time please'

2nd time it happens I tell them ' you need to be behind the mark, otherwise I'll penalise you'

3rd time it happens, 'peep.. I told you twice you need to be behind the mark. Opposition, do you want scrum or get them to rekick?'

I've never got to the 3rd time.

Ps welcome to the forum!

12-10-14, 09:10
Kick-off/restart near to the mark is nowhere near as important as making sure that team-mates of the kicker are not ahead of him when he kicks.

Perhaps allow a little latitude to the kicker, but don't allow any for his team-mates.

12-10-14, 09:10
Had to check haha I thought there was only 22 Laws! :redface:

Thanks for the welcome menace!

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Will do, thanks buddy!

12-10-14, 09:10
Thanks buddy,

They're quite aware of the behind the kicker law but have been known to creep forward a bit, that will stop as from now!