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17-10-14, 18:10
Has anyone heard of / seen a drone like this

that's a good referee observation/coaching tool!

I heard of this from DrStu's visting US colleague from Society of Society of South California who we hosted at my club last weekend (he reffed an U18 friendly and was very well received). He told me he has a drone! Not sure if it is this model.

Anyone used one in the UK?

Simon - your society has lots of money, surprised you don't have one :wink:

Simon Thomas
17-10-14, 18:10
if we did I wouldn't tell you ! And who says Hampshire is rich, we have a break-even budget, no spare money - paupers compared to London and Oxfordshire.

I am pretty sure Elite Department has either looked into it or actually done it.

Phil E
17-10-14, 21:10
Not seen that one before, but have trailed one that sits on a tripod and tracks the ref as he moves.

18-10-14, 02:10
Brumbies were trialling drones.

But since that article nothing seems to have come of it. I don't think they continued with it.

Would be cool to see ref positioning provided it captured enough playing area.