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25-10-14, 23:10
L9 match today ....

Home side, already out on pitch preparing at 1.50pm for a 3pm kick off, DoR ( overhyped coach title IMHO ! ) in charge, x2 coach assistants & 20 players, employed physio applying strappings, Cameraman setting up the tripod ...you get the picture ...etc !

Away side arrive in dribs & drabs after 2.20pm and have only x14 at kick off ( one additional arrival after kick off) and no one to run touch so home side do both touch lines.

Point 1) The writing was on the wall when the away side had a starting Front Row with a combined age of 183 !

Point 2). Midway through 2nd half home side use an interchange and use the replacement who has been doing TJ duty on the far side. He hands the flag to the only Blazered old boy watching on the ' far side' who says he's happy to run touch ( alert warning )

Soon becomes clear that Mr Blazer is miles away from the action and isn't really trying, so, at the next line out I 'time off' and ask home captain to find an alternative touch judge 'please'

Home DoR then loudly exclaims, " what !!.. Is he serious, this is community rugby - whatta joke referee "

I tell home captain that i'd prefer a TJ on the far side, but I'm happy to continue without one if he prefers? He obliges by asking one of the x5 replacements to go do the role. Thanks.

I did have the last chuckle though , as away player spots a dirty great big dog turd inside the 22, and I "time off" and ask home capt to arrange its removal, cue the 'DoR' scuttling across the pitch to remove it !!!

PS .... Oh ....home victory > 70+ pts, didn't quench my rugby appetite today.

26-10-14, 18:10
"If Carlsberg did rugby matches".

Real rugby not your TV tripe!!