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21-11-14, 10:11
So I attended the new 'Level 1 - Refereeing Children' course on Tuesday.

The format is as follows:


Do a short quiz on the age grade regulations on http://www.rfuca.com
Recommended that you do the IRB (World Rugby) laws of the game online test.
Watch a number of short video clips and answer some reflective questions on the videos.
Think about some self reflective questions regarding the principles of the game and how you think these might impact refereeing.

In Class: 3hrs

Handout/Book split into two sections: A reference section for you to refer to after the course, and a workbook section which contains sections to fill in as you go through the 3hr course.
First hour is spent in the classroom discussing and going through the workbook section above, and includes things like: identify the qualities of a good referee, identify the key requirements of refereeing children, and identify the behaviours, skills and knowledge of an effective children's referee.
Last 2 hours spent on the pitch playing games and taking it in turns to referee and 'have a go', getting feedback from the instructors and other participants on how we felt it went.
Back in to the class for a quick wrap up.

Comments to follow...



21-11-14, 13:11
Hope you enjoyed it. I have delivered three so far and feedback on course content has been positive. Sounds as if your trainer managed to get more time outside than the course actually demands - good on him/her. The more practical time the better in my view....

21-11-14, 14:11
I did indeed enjoy it. It was good fun, everyone entered into the spirit of the 'games playing' practical part of the course, and as you say, that is probably the bit where we learnt the most.

The reference section has some good bits in about the guiding principles of the game, and lots of good advice about the different ways your voice and the whistle can be used to manage the game. Unfortunately it then goes into several pages on definitions and regulations that are full of errors when applied to the RFU NRoP, I am assuming that this is because this has been taken from the IRB (World Rugby) version and not adapted for the NRoP??? I would rather see more practical advice here than laws/regs.

I wanted to do this course as I always felt that doing the old style ELRA course was a bit overkill for reff'ing 7 year olds (when I started). I wish this had been available then, I am sure I would have got more out of it as an utter novice than perhaps I did as an U11 ref now.

Obviously the other benefit is that our club is showing a commitment to get the people who do any officiating to make sure that they are properly trained for the job. And of course it's a stepping stone to the Level 2 course, which now feels a whole lot less daunting than it did before doing this one :)



21-11-14, 15:11
Oh, and I completely forgot, you get a Thunderer Whistle :)

Phil E
21-11-14, 16:11
Oh, and I completely forgot, you get a Thunderer Whistle :)

With an England Rose engraved on it........which always pleases the Scots and Welsh on the course :biggrin: