View Full Version : Air New Zealand Canterbury referee shirt

Matthew Giddy
25-06-15, 09:06
I need some help here. Is there anywhere where it would be possible to track down Canterbury made referee's jersey from 1996 until about 1999, when Air New Zealand sponsored the referees for the New Zealand NPChttp://cache2.asset-cache.net/gc/56049072-paddy-obrien-referee-gettyimages.jpg?v=1&c=IWSAsset&k=2&d=OCUJ5gVf7YdJQI2Xhkc2QHpPo4yPUOOKr5PxX%2FvJf5Y4IK d3TS9cGAIOtWVcB3SD0fynKKa4NdIVFg8X4eV%2BEg%3D%3D and Super 12? Photo is here. If there is a place where I could find one of these, it would be much appreciated, as I am a referee, and have been trying to track down one of these for some time.

25-06-15, 21:06
One presumes that you have contacted Canterbury and tried the usual eBay/Gumtree sources?

Matthew Giddy
25-06-15, 22:06
Yeah, I've done all that

Matthew Giddy
18-07-15, 01:07
No luck with Canterbury. My only hope now is to see if somebody actually has one (you'd have to be pretty lucky). If anybody knows anyone that might have one, let me know on this post asap

18-07-15, 01:07
Have you tried writing to individual Referee's Associations, because Super 12 and NPC referees weren't the only ones who wore them!

Matthew Giddy
18-07-15, 02:07
Good idea. Thanks mate. Would you perhaps be able to give me an idea of which associations to write to?

P.S. Who else wore these ones apart from the NPC and Super 12 refs?