View Full Version : Hands on face after tackle.

05-07-15, 15:07

Any league refs wanna share their view?

05-07-15, 17:07
At the MINIMUM the fella who threw the punch needed to be given 10 minutes, but I would think a send off is necessary as it is smack-bang on to the face as full force. Can't do much about the bite except note the marks and show the TJ and then file the report later. Original penalty for being all over his face / being too slow off the tackled player.

When I did the Qld Rugby League Junior State Carnival (13s, 14s, 16s) a few years back, working the face was something we were working hard to eradicate. It's not something I've seen very much at club level (I'm pretty sure I haven't blown a penalty for it all year).

05-07-15, 18:07
Hands on head/face in league tackle are are pretty standard for the games I see. Referees and in particular linesmen do very little about it

05-07-15, 22:07
If you don't put your hand where it can get bitten, then it won't get bitten!!

(I'm not condoning a player biting an opponent's hand. just sayin')