View Full Version : [Kit] Are these studs legal..........................?

Phil E
05-09-15, 12:09
Is a question I quite often get asked on my blog.
The usual answer is either, yes as long as they aren't sharp.
Or, the studs are too narrow, just swap them for rugby studs.

But then I was asked about these...........................what do you think?


05-09-15, 13:09
I dont think they fall within the definition of acceptable radius of arc on the small studs. Hence "too sharp".
But would have to take a view on the day when feeling them with my hand

05-09-15, 14:09
We need to get past this. To paraphrase the National Rifle Association: "Studs don't rake players, players do".

The problem lies with the manufacturers. They will continue to try to outdo each other with designs appealing to the players with little thought to acceptance by WR. I really don't see a risk in any of these even though technically they probably fail the standard.

05-09-15, 15:09
Marauder, I can see where you are coming from, but disagree with your attitude of "need to get past this".

You coach youths, where body weights are less than adults, and there is also less intent.

When I ref youths, invariably both sides have a few players with technically illegal studs. These players are not going to be deliberately raking opponents. They may have accidental contact with boot to body or face (most likely of their own player).

Adults too often have boots which are technically illegal, but don't look/feel dangerous. There are very few shops selling proper rugby boots here.

Nevertheless, although it would be jobsworthy to disallow players with such boots not to play on the day, that doesn't mean they should't be admonished to get better boots.

05-09-15, 16:09
Perfectly fine by me phil

05-09-15, 17:09
Excellent boots for hiding in a bowl of custard.