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12-10-15, 11:10
Hi all

Firstly, apologies if this is posted in the wrong section - I looked for a Minis Rules section but couldn't see one.

I am coaching and refereeing with U10s (my sons age group) and have been with them since they were U6s. I enjoy both coaching and reffing immensely but always find the progression of rules a bit daunting at the start of the season... hopefully, less so now that I've discovered this site! :-)

I feel that we have a reasonable grasp of the U10 NRoP but following a friendly fixture yesteray a couple of points came up that I'm uncertain about. I'm hoping someone with more experience may be able to guide me:

1. A 2v2 maul has formed and the team in possession are making forward progress. As soon as their forward momentum has stopped I am telling them they have 5 seconds to play the ball or awarding a free pass to the defending side. The opposition coach thought that a maul was only allowed to remain for 5 seconds, reagrdless of forward motion. On a re-read of the rules I cannot see any mention of forward motion so, perhaps I'm interpreting it incorrectly? I'd be interested to hear how others interpret and ref this.

2. The ball carrier is tackled to the ground and I've called "tackle - release". A player from the defending team is quick to the breakdown and, supporting his own body weight, trying to rip the ball from the tackled player. A supporting attacking player joins the ruck and tries to drive the defender off the ball but is unable to move him. At the point that the attacking support player makes contact with the defending "ripper" does the defender need to let go of the ball or is the onus on the attacker to get the defender off his feet, thus, making it illegal for him to be handling the ball?

I hope I've described the situations well enough but please shout if not. Any help or guidance would be much appreciated!


12-10-15, 14:10
Sorry, just spotted the "Mini/Midi Rugby (U12 and younger)" forum section further down the home page. Please could I ask a mod to move the above post, as appropriate.


12-10-15, 15:10
I would say

1) if it is not specifically mentioned in the NRoP/Reg15 then its the standard laws of the game (LotG). So wrt mauls and progress, if NRoP says nothing then its basically turn over ball at the second loss of forward momentum. (someone will correct this if wrong!)

2) again, if NRoP doesn't say differently then standard LotG apply - and that means (currently!) a jackler who gets hands on may retain hands on if SUBSEQUENTLY he becomes part of a ruck.

There is an excellent F/B group incidentally for these AG areas - try and find (assuming you do F/B!)

"Shaping the Game Pilot rules for Mini rugby in Hampshire"

son;t worry about the hampshire bit ... hants was one of the pilot counties for NRoP and there will be plenty of coaches there with good experience of NRoP.



13-10-15, 10:10
Thanks Didds - looks like I'm managing point 2 ok then, at least. I'll wait to see if anyone else chips in over the maul.

I can kind of see how it may be limited to 5 secs regardless of movement due the 2v2 limit - if two big units are driving it along the defence can't commit more players to stall it so it could potentially run away, although, in practice I haven't seen this happen yet!

Thanks for the FB link, too, I'll check that out.

13-10-15, 10:10
I don't play in the UK, but I often ref kids round that age. Looking at the NRoP here:
http://www.englandrugby.com/mm/Document/Governance/Regulations/01/30/34/89/RFU_Regulation_15_appdx_1_new_under_10_rules_of_pl ay_Neutral.pdf
It seems quite clear on 5 seconds and out (rule 6.k)

I think that's probably the intention: up until about U11/U12 level there's a tendency for games to turn into a series of mauls. Kids don't necessarily have the tackling skills, the overview of the field or the knack of setting up in lines, they get focussed on the ball, can't/won't pass... it can be the default state of the game. Limiting it to 2-a-side and limiting the potential benefit of it to 5 seconds' resisted pushing, while making it a likely turnover, encourages learning to pass and set up rucks.

13-10-15, 11:10
Thanks Rich

Interesting that I have an older copy of the U10s rules. I downloaded it recently from the same location and my version is full of ammendments - thanks for the link to the newer one.

It doesn't look like the ruling around Mauls has changed though so I just interpreted it incorrectly first time round! :-)