View Full Version : Youth 'Home' Referee Qualifications for RFU Insurance Purposes

08-11-15, 12:11
Hi All

I have been asked for the latest on the above by my Club.

I am an ELRA 2 referee and occasionally referee home youth games. It used to be the situation that the RFU would support 'anyone' ref qualifications or not Societey or not refereeing as 'home' refs for their own club in an emergency. Is this still the case? PG

08-11-15, 17:11
If the club appoints you to ref a game then you are a club official and have the same status and coverage under the clubs insurance as the club coaches do.

The club should be confident that you are suitable person to ref, just in the same way as they should be confident in their coaches

tim White
08-11-15, 19:11
ELRA 1 and 2 is good, but adding ELRA 3 would be better (self-assessed games, one externally assessed). Practicing every Saturday would be even better -but anything you do is bound to be appreciated (have you ever seen a game reffed by one of the players???????)

08-11-15, 19:11
Many thanks guys, helps a lot. PG