View Full Version : Holding up in the line out, how long?

28-12-15, 15:12
Saw this yesterday in that great harlequins v Gloucester game.
May have the teams mixed up but Wayne Barnes gave gave a real non-decision yesterday which I thought was wrong.
Harlequins attacking line, they throw in and ball is caught, Gloucester immediately drive taking out supporting players.
Wayne blows and says something to the effect of .you bring him down immediately, and you don't drive til he's down, same line go again
A real Kop out I think as for me there was no undue delay before Gloucester engaged.
19.10 g covers lowering the player but I thought they never got the chance to do it.
Anyone else see it?

28-12-15, 18:12
Yep. Just watched it. Looked a clear and obvious holding up in the air to me. I would have FK it but a better referee managed the situation !

29-12-15, 17:12
Haven't seen this specific incident, but have had it in games I refereed before where ball winning side are slow to lower their jumper in the hope of buying a penalty for opposition taking out lifters. Needs to be managed as can be dangerous way to gamble for a penalty!!

30-12-15, 12:12
Seen it at the game and was amazed that it was allowed to be taken again. Was clear and obvious - looked like Charlie Matthews was crowd-surfing. And considering it was quite late in the game, with Quins (I think) still chasing the game, was a risky ploy by them*

*caveat to all that - I was fairly merry by this stage of proceedings so may not have happened....

30-12-15, 15:12
Well managed IMO by WB. Would do the same the first time, even though the players are supposed to know.:chin:

Here is the Law Reference:

Law 19.9 (g)
Lowering a Player. Players who support a jumping team-mate must lower that player to the ground as soon as the ball has been won by a player of either team.
Sanction: Free Kick on the 15-metre line