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Phil E
19-04-16, 09:04
It can only happen in France... the sorts of incidents that make the rest of the rugby world thankful they played the game elsewhere. It's another all-out French rugby brawl!

The latest ugly scenes took place in Biarritz where its junior team (Espoirs) took on Béziers. Rivalries between teams in the south of France are typically fierce but events at the Parc des Sports Aguiléra went over the top.

The footage is not the best but it shows the sheer chaotic scenes as players, and what appears to be staff, get embroiled in the mass brawl off the pitch

We don't quite know what started it, or how it ended up off the field, but extras joined in and around the 40 second mark you can see a hooker being knocked out by a much bigger, older man.

What are your thoughts on these scenes, as well as in general violence in French rugby?

Video on Rugby Dump.


19-04-16, 11:04
This is just unacceptable. Both lots of players and any club officials involved need to be banned for 12 months minimum and both clubs fined heavily; a couple of hundred thousand € should do it.

Kelston Boys and Auckland Grammar had a similar brawl a few years back... some of the bans ranged between 10 and 16 months.

20-04-16, 09:04
Hi Phil,
It seems the Royal Navy are not below a bit of afters (http://www.europe1.fr/sport/bagarre-generale-dans-un-match-amical-de-rugby-entre-la-marine-et-la-navy-2702731), (when in France do as the French do)
:holysheep:Toulon last month, 2 red cards and that was the end of the matter.

But seriously the French Union needs to stamp out this culture of brawling and eye-gouging, it is sickening.

20-04-16, 10:04
I would be surprised if the situation doesn't lead to (and get exacerbated by) "99" calls - once the culture is such that you suspect it's going to kick off, you pre-emptively do it wholesale. And if the opponents know that, they'll do the same... so you end up with games in which both teams are on a hair trigger, waiting to get their self-defence in first.

20-04-16, 10:04
I went to a boxing match once and an ice hockey game broke out...


20-04-16, 13:04
Derby match (http://www.leclubrugby.fr/2016/02/la-bagarre-entre-biarritz-et-bayonne-coute-cher.html) brawl costs clubs €11,000.
In the Pro game efforts are being made to dissuade clubs from allowing it.

Phil E
20-04-16, 14:04
Derby match (http://www.leclubrugby.fr/2016/02/la-bagarre-entre-biarritz-et-bayonne-coute-cher.html) brawl costs clubs €11,000.
In the Pro game efforts are being made to dissuade clubs from allowing it.

How on earth did that fight only result in two yellow cards :wow:

...and why did the high tackle recipient roll around on the floor like that with his arms above his head?

20-04-16, 21:04
And red 13 was two paces in front of the kicker yet the try was allowed.