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06-05-16, 16:05
Hello all

I'm looking for an app I can use with my iPhone and/or Apple Watch to track my pitch coverage in a game. I'm after something similar to the stats provided by The adidas mi cell which you can stick on your shoes and shows how far you travelled, maximum sprint speed, number of sprints etc. (I've not gone for this as support has just been discontinued)

i know there are apps like Runtastic and Nike + but they seem to be aimed at runners in a continuous run rather than the sort of running done by a referee.

Any ideas?

06-05-16, 17:05
Runtastic works fine for me.

Phil E
07-05-16, 10:05
I've got runtastic on my Apple Watch, but haven't got round to trying it.
I assume you need your phone on you if you want to plot your route (gps)?

08-05-16, 21:05
Runkeeper on the Apple Watch supposedly works without a connection to your phone (therefore no gps) but not sure how accurate

09-05-16, 11:05
I use iCardio, connected to my heart rate monitor.