View Full Version : U13 NRoP for England 2016/2017

03-08-16, 14:08
Hi All,

For those people who will be refereeing the U13 game in England this coming season , here are the NRoP. Apparently these should be on the website soon.




03-08-16, 22:08
So at this age group they ARE Rules of Play and not Laws!

04-08-16, 11:08
So at this age group they ARE Rules of Play and not Laws!A useful distinction? You won't find them in the law book because they are not laid down by World Rugby..

04-08-16, 12:08
While it might be better if WR did lay down a consistent set of variations for age group rugby - I doubt it is a priority.

I suppose it is only the rare U13 side from NZ that will make the trip over the Tasman or Indian Ocean - but in parts of the UK your neighbouring clubs can be in a different Union and hence play a different set of rules.

Though of course it is more important to get consistency between club and school rugby.

04-08-16, 13:08
I noted this

These Under 13s Rules of Play set out below are mandatory for clubs and schools, and
replace the previous Under 13s Rules of Play in their entirety.

well done the RFU.