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20-09-16, 22:09
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I'm currently an u13 L2 coach, but taking my L2 ref course in a few weeks. Just going through the new RFU laws for age grade, u13. It states under scrum (12 J: ) The non-ball winning scrum half may start directly alongside their opponent, however, they must not move beyond the middle line of the scrum until the ball has emerged from the scrum. "

So when is it emerged, once the SH places his hands on it, or once passed?

also, pushing in the scrum became legal for us this season, but I'm being told that this does not get implemented until Dec 16, but can't find any documentation anywhere to support this?

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20-09-16, 23:09

Pushing in the scrum can happen as soon as you and your opponents are trained and willing (1.5 m max push). If anyone in your, or the opponents scrum (not just the front row) say they are not both of these things you should go uncontested. We have been taking it game by game and having a chat with the opposition well in advance of the game to find out where they are at with this.

As to when the ball is out: For me, when the ball is clear of the scrum, irrespective of whether it has rolled out (assuming not directly out of the tunnel), or the scrum half took it out. Others may have different views on this.

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21-09-16, 10:09
out as above says, beyond the back foot or past the flankers as for when the SH takes it out, for me it's when they lift it off the ground, HANDS ON IS NOT OUT (same for the ruck), if you strictly enforce this a game of rugby might break out :wink:

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