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21-09-16, 21:09
Gradually getting back into the business after a few years out with career/house moving/small children distractions. Brushing up on Junior variations and came across this:

Additional Law Variations applicable to U15 only
The variations below shall also apply at U15:

6. Law 19 Line-Out:
(a) The lineout will be uncontested.
(b) Lifting and supporting is permitted at this age group, i.e. a player
may not bind to a jumper until he has returned to the ground.

(Source: http://www.englandrugby.com/mm/Document/General/General/01/31/99/86/RFURegulation15Appendix92016-2017_English.pdf)

I don't remember (a) being the case AT ALL when I last reffed juniors. Are LOs really uncontested for U15? What does that even mean? Defending side not allowed to jump? Defending side not allowed to catch the ball, e.g., off a wayward throw-in (drawing a parallel with uncontested scrums where ball-putting side "must win" the ball)?

And (b) seems unclear. Does it mean that an opposing player can't bind to the jumper? Because I can't see how a jumper could be lifted/supported without binding...


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21-09-16, 21:09
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