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28-10-16, 13:10
I'm not sure if thats the right forum, but couldn't find a better one.

I was wondering which referee scheduling software there is availabe for rugby as my union is thinking about implementing one..
So far I've found:
- Horizon Web Ref
- Whos the Ref
- Sportlomo
- Assignr

Does anyone have experience using one of the above or another one? I'd appreciate every input.
Just to clarify: We are quite a small region with only around 10-15 games per weekend, so need for a massive system.


Phil E
28-10-16, 14:10
Whos the ref is very good, but from your description of what you want it might be overkill and would be expensive for such a small number of users.

28-10-16, 14:10
What ^ he said, works very well for our society, covering around 1500 games per season

28-10-16, 14:10
Also endorse what Phil E said. We are very pleased with WhosTheRef.

I don't know what it would cost for you, but I'm sure Mark Brown would be happy to discuss it.

28-10-16, 15:10
We use WTR in Switzerland as well. Cover 20-30 games per weekend. And are in process of translating into French & German.

Might work well if used for all of Germany.

28-10-16, 19:10
Thanks for the replies. I am in contact with Mark Brown to discuss the possibilities, but it seems to be quite the expensive option and our budget is very limited...

29-10-16, 01:10
We schedule c. 20 matches a weekend.

We use an Excel spreadsheet