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19-11-16, 19:11
Is there advice, guidance, protocol around when kids can where shoulder padding?

19-11-16, 20:11
Don't think so, mine have been wearing padded base layers since U9 when first start to tackle

19-11-16, 21:11
Law 4.1 isn't it?

4.1 Additional items of clothing
(a) A player may wear supports made of elasticated or compressible materials which must be washable.
(b) A player may wear shin guards which conform with World Rugby Specifications (Regulation 12).
(e) A player may wear shoulder pads which must bear the World Rugby Approval Mark (Regulation 12).
And a PDF of Regulation 12 is available online - all 32 pages of it.

20-11-16, 09:11
Not sure about kids, but did you see Liam Williams pads yesterday? He looked like an American Footballer. They definitely weren't in line with World Rugby regulations.

what hope do we have of enforcement at our level when at the elite level, with a team of goodness knows how many, players can get away with this?