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19-06-17, 21:06
I was thoroughly impressed with Wayne Barnes' clarity, decision & communication during Scots plundering of the Aussies recently, his handling of Foleys YC was majestic, explain-demonstrate-move away=get on with the game.

In contrast to some other matches I've watched recently where there seems to be almost an apologetic sanctioning explanation that takes ages to deliver.

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20-06-17, 12:06
WB has been absolutely on top form during the 16/17 season

20-06-17, 13:06
Wayne Barnes is the best ref in the world - just ask him!

20-06-17, 14:06
I had a couple of quibbles with him.

The first was line out numbers. At one lineout, he clearly tells Blue "if you give me the gap I'll give you the numbers"
20 mins later, having nailed our brave boys in blue for numbers he explained that "it's not my job to give you numbers".
Which is fair, and I might have misinterpreted it, but it felt 'off' to me.

And oh God does he take ages to give penalties at the breakdown, especially for tackled player failing to release.