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25-06-17, 15:06
Seeking clarification - RFU regs for U15

6. Law 19 Line-Out:
(a) The lineout will be uncontested.
(b) Lifting and supporting is permitted at this age group, i.e. a player
may not bind to a jumper until he has returned to the ground.

(b) seems contradictory? How can a squad lift if the lifters are not grasping the jumper?

I appreciate there is a potential technical definition of "bind" (armpit to wrist in contact above the waist) in play here which may explain the perceived dichotomy.

anybody here ref this age group have any ideas? i appreciate society refs may not generally speaking.


25-06-17, 15:06
I have now found this


"Lifting is permitted, not mandatory,
and remains uncontested."

So not sure what the binding thing is about - or just that nobdy else can become involved aside from the lifters and catcher until feet are on the ground?


25-06-17, 15:06
ignore - just found other threads involving this!

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25-06-17, 17:06
Learning how to support the jumper without the contest element.

26-06-17, 00:06
As an aside on the U15 lineout- I've seen more than a few U15 teams hold their catcher up in the air for unreasonably long periods of time after winning the ball so they can set up for a maul. This is a FK per 19.10 (g).

26-06-17, 10:06
As this thread is still live... At U14s Ive seen that the uncontested lineout in fact means the catcher doesn't jump. On the whole I'm supportive of anything that avoided the previous mess that was early youth lineout, and it seems it does at least give throwers an opportunity to throw straight and with correct weight for the target they have. I do however have concerns that it will not help jumpers prepare for lifting - they have to get off the ground first before the lift can happen effectively.

I'm at the sharp end of this this season as I'm helping coach our U15 squad as well as the colts...


Phil E
26-06-17, 11:06

Lifting and binding are two different things.

Lifting is to assist the jumper going up and down.

The binding refereed to is when the jumper comes back to ground with the ball and other lineout players bind to him. It's just saying that they can't do this until his feet are on the floor.

The uncontested part is only in the air.

26-06-17, 12:06
thanks Phil - I got there in the end but thanks as ever for your clarity :D