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Jolly Roger
11-08-17, 19:08
My local club are on an U16s tour to Northern Ireland this weekend and I have been asked to find out the IRFU law variations for U16 and to then compare them with SRU.

I would be very grateful if someone could point me in the direction of th IRFU age variations for U16.

Many thanks.

11-08-17, 21:08
:ireland:Game Regulation Variations for: Schools & Youths Rugby (http://www.irishrugby.ie/downloads/IRFU_AgeGrade_Variations_20132014.pdf), hope this helps.

Sorry I don't know the Scottish underage variations. (But I can comment on FRU variations if necessary.)

Jolly Roger
11-08-17, 21:08
Very many thanks L'irlandais. I have the SRU variations so can carry out assessment if differences (no need for the French thanks! 😄

These appear to be 2013/2014 from the file name. Do you know if they are still current?

12-08-17, 08:08

These are still current laws ,,,however in most u16 competitions you will be allowed 8 subs , in southern ireland competition rules .
Enjoy your trip

12-08-17, 10:08
Well done Christy,
Your version is more up to date than the one linked on the IRFU website (http://www.rugbyrefs.com/showthread.php?20437-IRFU-age-grade-variations).:ireland:

Jolly Roger
14-08-17, 14:08
Many thanks L'irlandais and Christie.

Had a fantastic trip to City of Derry and Colraine clubs. We could not have been made more welcome. Both referees were excellent and everyone was incredibly friendly and generous.

Brilliant experience for the boys who have really gelled as team and matured as individuals.

We hope to return the hospitality to both clubs next pre-season.

Just need to survive the ferry back.

Thanks again.