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03-08-18, 19:08
If there is a tackle, ruck, maul or oppo touches the ball after you have carried or passed the ball into your own 22 then the Gain In Ground from a kick directly into touch is back on.

What if the tackle starts outside the 22 and finishes inside? Do we need another T/R/M/OTB or are they free to get the GIG?

Does the whole ruck need to be inside the 22? What if the ruck is formed outside, but is deep and the ball emerges from the ruck inside the 22? Is the GIG on?

What if a maul starts outside the 22 but is driven back into the 22, partially or completely, is the GIG on?

03-08-18, 19:08
Who took the ball across the 22? If defenders in possession driven across, then no immediate gain. If centre of scrum starts outside 22, ball won by D and booked into 22, no gain; if ball won by A and scrum driven over 22, gain is on. If ruck/maul starts with ball outside 22, who is in possession when the ball crosses the 22? Probably D if they win the ball at the end of that phase, but not necessarily.

Try to make and communicate your decision before the D team play it in their 22.

03-08-18, 19:08
A tackle starting out side 22 , and finishes inside 22 ,,gain in ground is good ..
All other scenarios as chbg .

04-08-18, 11:08
With a scrum or lineout the mark or LoT is the starting point. For rucks, mauls and tackles it has to be the location of the ball when it occurs. Ultimately it comes down to possession so if the defenders have possession in a scrum, maul or ruck but are driven back over the 22 then the defenders took it in.