View Full Version : Ripped or held up?

26-11-18, 07:11
Odd one today. Red attacking drives over try line with a blue defender trying to rip the ball and he gets pushed back. Red tries to ground the ball, and has dropped to floor, but the ball is ripped and then touched down by blue to make it dead. Attacking 5m for held up or drop 22 for the rip?

I gave 5m attacking scrum. Correct decision?

Dickie E
26-11-18, 07:11
22 drop out for mine. I don't think attacking player should be rewarded for a loose carry. But these are 11 year olds so YMMV.

26-11-18, 07:11
When did you blow your whistle ?

If you kept quiet during the wrestle , then blue ripped it an touched down , and then you blew your whistle then it's a 22m DO

26-11-18, 07:11
Sounds like a 22 drop out. Attackers took ball into ingoal then it was ripped legally (no tackle ingoal) and forced.

I could see a held up call if there was a wrestle for the ball and you blew quickly, but that doesn't sound the case.

26-11-18, 08:11
Balls, looks like I got it wrong, the only flack I got was from Blue's coach's but that is also my Son's team! Thanks All.

26-11-18, 09:11
It's a close call, when do you blow your whistle in that situation?

It's useful to think about your thought process at the time, and what led you to go for the 5m. "Who took the ball over the line" is the relevant question :)