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07-01-19, 16:01
Hi Guys,

This site has whetted my interest for becoming a ref. I've completed the WR Rugby Ready online course. But the Level 1 courses seem to be on the West Coast or Edinburgh (I'm in Scotland). Can any of the Scottish refs advise if there are ever courses in Aberdeenshire/Angus/Dundee/Tayside areas.


07-01-19, 18:01
you could contact Scottish Rugby - the courses contact is on the Scottish Rugby website. Of you could contact the Aberdeen or Midlands societies (again contacts are on the Scottish rugby website) and ask about training/courses.

08-01-19, 14:01
Thanks Pinky- I will try that. I wonder if you've reffed any matches I've been in. I play in the Cali Mid Div 3 and also 4 this season. Played in Div 3 and a couple of div 2 games too.

09-01-19, 12:01
I am based in Edinburgh and rarely get appointed elsewhere and rarely above reserve leagues nowadays. There was a period though a few years ago when I did a few Caledonian matches, but mostly reserve leagues.