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26-01-19, 21:01
My local club under 13 coaches asked me to referee a game with team from Reading Abbey as part of their player development i.e. they wanted players ( from both teams) to experience a Society referee who was not their Dad who was a club coach/ referee.

The last time I refereed this age group was 12 years ago when my son played for our local club.

The main change to RFU variations I saw was that instead of a line out the restart was 10 metres in with a free pass. I quickly realised that this match was all about the tackle area which was a real contest. I quickly saw how players (and coaching) had progressed.

It was a pleasure to referee but my main issue was the hand/ fend off.

14. Infringements:
a) The tackler can only make contact with the ball carrier below the armpits.
b) The ball carrier may run and dodge potential tacklers but must not fend or hand them off above the armpits.

With less than 5 minutes to go (score 3 - 4) the home side outside centre went on a run bumping off two tackler and just had full back to beat. Full back who had not missed a tackle all morning went for tackle but was handed off (to side of his head) by centre who went on and scored try.

My pet hate at this age group has always been the hand off. I made a mental check and thought do I allow try or apply the law variation?:wtf::chin:

Much to the frustration of my club coaches and parents I disallowed try but explained in the bar afterwards that whilst I thought in this case the law (variation) was wrong, I had applied the RFU law variation.

What do you think? Welsh touring teams beware!

26-01-19, 22:01
You were correct, can’t fend above the armpit line (also the tackle height line), fends at that height are allowed from U12 at that height until U15 I think, a bit vague as U14 has armpit as the tackle height line by no mention I can see if fends, so assume standard laws apply