View Full Version : [7's/10's] Europe's best target Tokyo 2020 qualification

14-07-19, 16:07
Just stumbled across this live stream. (https://www.world.rugby/sevens-series/news/435169?lang=en)
Seventeen different nations will contest the Rugby Europe regional qualifiers for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games in France and Russia this weekend with the women's event shaping up to the most competitive of all.

With the ref mic and Europe’s best teams in action, it’s excellent. Ever noticed that referees are much less vocal in Sevens. Nigel Owens please take note. (Lots of huffing and puffing however.)

14-07-19, 17:07
That's because they're been told to point, whistle and run. There's very little preventative in 7s.

14-07-19, 18:07
There was quite a bit of preventive all the same.
I think the televised teamtalks at half time, at Colomiers are great.