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  1. ckuxmann's Avatar
    On the Ampthill website/:

    Despite the 1881 leading 19-0 at halftime, several silly mistakes and to many missed tackles meant they conceded 47 points during the second half in the last of their pre season fixtures.

    Next week sees the return of the Wells Bombardier League fixtures with a tough home game to Old Northamptonians.
  2. winchesterref's Avatar
    Interested in reading this and I will try to give you a nudge if you forget to update it!

    Enjoy the season!
  3. ckuxmann's Avatar
    There was a pk that was kicked dead into touch in-goal, instead of into touch. I gave a 20m tap when it should've been a 20m dropout.
  4. The Fat's Avatar
    can you expand on the 20m drop out scenario in the U12 game. Not sure I get what happened.
  5. crammond1964's Avatar
    makes you realize how important the offside lines are ; as in league strictly enforced as therefore allows space . Players are more aware of league laws as there are less !
  6. Lee Lifeson-Peart's Avatar
    Well done Cody.

    RL - you know it makes sense.
  7. Robert Burns's Avatar
    Well done Cody. Sounds like you did well.
  8. RLRef1984's Avatar
    Well done mate, as I said on the main boards I'm glad you've gave it a shot and got some games under your belt, hopefully you'll do plenty over the summer and enjoy it.

    Who was the referee coach btw?
  9. crammond1964's Avatar
    normally the club should contact you at least 24 hours before to confirm match and this is when you ask questions on location and shirt colours etc ! Even though senior clubs have a reserve kit alot have no idea where its kept on a math day . I was lucky enough as an ex player to of played at most grounds .
  10. crossref's Avatar
    many clubs in London (most?) are not exactly where the name is -- perhaps they were formed >100 years ago, and played on the green or the park... and then at some point in their history they found themselves a proper playing field.

    OR perhaps they had a playing field from the start at the edge of their town, then the town gets bigger and they then sell the pitch to a supermarket and move.
  11. Robert Burns's Avatar
    You'll find a few clubs that aren't where they are named, a lesson of pre planning.

    You'll get there, keep up the good work Cody!