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A new start

This is just a little blog to show my progress going from A first Team player at Northampton Uni to a Referee!

  1. Bit of a gap...

    Standard 10 months since I last blogged, making this less of a blog more of a time capsule at the moment, but hopefully will be doing a bit more.

    So this summer I finally went under the knife and got my bloody shoulder sorted out, meaning that I have the option to go back to playing...but if im honest, I DONT WANT TO! I have loved the last 11 months and wouldnt want to stop refereeing for a bit of a 2-bit uni rugby league where I could easily do it again.

    It doesnt seem ...
  2. First month... by ek!

    It's been a busy 4 weeks for me! With my first game only 3 weeks ago, i'm now 5 games in and reffing around level 12!

    Really enjoying it so far, the adults rugby has been a way of me gaining confidence in my decisions... whereas the juniors has helped in my decision making and positioning. Cracking game this weekend just gone, with a 22-24 score line, won with a try for white in the 76th minute! Followed by a very big score on the sunday... 94-7! So a very strange weekend for me, although ...
  3. My first BIG! week

    After a long day making insoles (what a life!) I went to my first EMRURS meeting! after the housekeeping, there was a presentation from a national panel referee and the director of Cambridge RUFC, all about the tackle and the breakdown... and I actually really enjoyed it! Although a lot of my interpretations of the clips shown weren't sport on, the presentation really made me think!

    After getting kitted up (rugby boys love some stash!
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  4. What happened :(

    I am currently studying at the University of Northampton (will now on be known as UoN for laziness reasons) reading Podiatry.

    In January '13, UoN 1stXV drew Birmingham in the Cup... not Birmingham 1sts though! After donning my number 5, we set out onto the field, only to be returning from it after only a few phases with a dislocated shoulder. Luckily, the head of the QE2 hospital (next to the rugby pitches) happens to be watching his son play, the UoN replacement flanker. We went on ...