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  1. Referee assessor

    Hi all,

    I have just moved to Basel in Switzerland from the UK and I am looking to join a referees society in France.

    I have scoured the web but I am having difficulty in trying to find a society.

    Please could someone help and give me an E Mail address or a site that I could find.
  2. termination of a referee

    I joined the london society 3 years ago and reached a level10 standard but despite attempts to ask for promotion or ask questions I have been perceived as being rude and arrogant .
    Without a hearing or meeting I have been despatched an emailed saying my registration has been withdrawn for reasons which i would dispute if allowed to .
    I enjoyed a good playing career including national leagues and coached 1st xv level up to LONDON 2 ; so with 30 years experience felt I had something ...
  3. Pre-season Challenge

    Quote Originally Posted by Sydneycl View Post
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  4. Ready4Rugby

    So tomorrow is the return to reffing for some at Berkshire ( and hopefully across the country ) in the form of the new RFU Ready4Rugby, essentially a game of touch.

    looking forward to getting out the whistle again, been too long, though Iíll have to report back how the actual reffing of the revised rules goes.

    if your out this weekend, whistle in hand, let us know how it goes.