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  1. Ready4Rugby

    So tomorrow is the return to reffing for some at Berkshire ( and hopefully across the country ) in the form of the new RFU Ready4Rugby, essentially a game of touch.

    looking forward to getting out the whistle again, been too long, though Iíll have to report back how the actual reffing of the revised rules goes.

    if your out this weekend, whistle in hand, let us know how it goes.
  2. Fitness Training ( At last )

    So tonight is my first attendance at the Berkshire Refs fitness training, and i really need it.

    Running alone is ok, but in a group of your peers it is far harder to give up, so you push that bit harder, thus get fitter.

    So Reading RFC are kindly allowing us to use their facilities again, and as the weather is a bit damp today I'm sure the Team Mossies will be there as usual to welcome us back!!!

    Hopefully I can continue to improve my fitness ready for my first ...