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  1. week 13

    by , 20-11-11 at 23:11 (DIARY OF A B52 REF (aged 29 3/4 forever) with apologies to Sue Townsend)
    WEEK 13-decent level league match (but means i miss out on reffing royal vets v their oldboys which is always followed by one of the bacchanalian highlights of the season) Goes pretty well-adviser (who knows me well) gives me my report BEFORE the match and is pretty much spot on (great management but you're not fit enough)
    Sunday - top ladies game -great fun and i sort of keep up.
    Midweek - fast students -good game am o.k but a bit off the pace. last week's ladies are training on next ...
  2. early season

    by , 14-11-11 at 20:11 (DIARY OF A B52 REF (aged 29 3/4 forever) with apologies to Sue Townsend)
    DAIRY OF A B52 REF, aged 39 3/4 (forever) with apologies to Sue Townsend.
    Season 2011/12 ;
    Summer Training blighted by double hernia op. (only went in for one but seems it was buyonegetonefree day at local hospital.) Resisted some really nice invites to RWC12 (including joboffer after my 2007 videoarbitre duties) but they keep coming so book warm weather training in caribbean with WWI (wickedwitchindoors) so have decent excuse to decline.
    Slow start to seaon while in rehab ...
  3. Uncontested Scrums

    Guys i wonder if someone can help me. As a coach we have just played today and have a question or two on the Uncontested Scrum rulings/laws.

    We had forward dominance at scrums and open play, lineout was working well and their "replacement" prop committed an infringement causing him to be shown a yellow card.

    At the next scrum they opted for uncontested scrums stating they had no replacements on the bench who were qualified or fit to take the field.
  4. Sam Warburton’s Red Card – The Ref Zone’s Verdict

    ENS has just been appointed by The Ref Zone – and given that we have just witnessed one of the most controversial decisions in world rugby, we thought a few words from its Director Rowly Williams may help shed some light on the issue…

    “The IRB was leaving no margin for error when it came to this World Cup; its Law Book is clear and nine months prior to kick off a clarification and reminder via the rulings committee were dispatched. The week prior to the tournament the Elite Referee ...
  5. Fall Season 2011

    I've decided to start a blog about each game I ref and take any comments on how to improve. Hopefully I can keep track of the stats and post them as well.

    Match Date: 17Sept2011
    I had a men's club match and for the first league match of the year, my expectations for the teams was a little bit higher. I do feel that this had some impact on how I refereed the match, but I don't know how to gauge the impact.

    Each team had their problems, ball was extremely slow ...
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