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  1. Danie Rossouw's World Cup Diary - September 1st 2011

    Disclaimer - This comes from a friend, so not my writing, but too good not to pass on.

    1 September 2011:

    To help me remember all my memories, my captain and our water carrier, John Smit, did suggested that I wrote a diary of all my activities during the World Cup. He also tolded me that I should write in English, because it would help me, because he says I sometimes come across as a bit fick and English would make me look klever. Kak!

    Anyways, today are
  2. Sunday's game

    On Sunday I was at Esher rugby club, the day started out with me getting off at the wrong train stop, who would've thought that the Esher rugby club isn't in Esher it's in the next town over. Anyways the day started off fairly ruff, it was raining in England. The game itself was ok, I wasn't talking enough to the players and my scrum was a little bit off again. The big things that I wanted to work on for the next game was controlling the engagement more, and also talking more. The next game ...
  3. First game in the UK

    So my first game was on Friday, I had a panel ref running touch and also another ref watching the game. The scrums were a mess and went uncontested fairly soon, the tighthead was getting driven back every time and would twist in, tried having a quiet word with the loose, but couldn't get her to budge, oh well. Big things to work on scrum management, and opening my body up more to the offsides line instead of ruck, more parallel to offsides line.
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