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  1. A new Swan Referee

    As I am new to the West Australian Rugby Union Referees Association (WARURA) I thought it would be good to keep a blog of how my experiences go through my first season with them.

    Last night was my first chance to put faces to the names in the emails, it was a seminar for Advanced Referee Coaches and all ref coaches and L2 referees were invited.

    The seminar was led by Andrew Cole, a former iRB Referee with 31 tests & the ARU's National Referee Coach, and Jamie McGregor, ...

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  2. Nobody's too old to have a wild time in VEGAS....

    by , 16-02-12 at 20:02 (DIARY OF A B52 REF (aged 29 3/4 forever) with apologies to Sue Townsend)
    WEEK 23- Vegas baby but TRA (tour rules apply) so will stick to the rugger bit ... or maybe just a taster of the social....
    Night one - beers meet up with other refs - breifing - gentle reminder that usa happily ignore some irb directives
    more beers, (p###### spillage/falling over after a couple ), casino with USAF to look after me..
    Night 2 - meet up with irb , quiet beers (not!!) early hours catch s##### in ######### foyer ###### ## six foot blonde ###### unaware being ...

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  3. Old enough but maybe not wise enough to know better....L

    by , 05-02-12 at 20:02 (DIARY OF A B52 REF (aged 29 3/4 forever) with apologies to Sue Townsend)
    week 20 -new year's day -no game but day at the london parade as am lunch host to 16 Texas CHEERLEADERS (it's a tough job but...). torrential cold rain but the gutsy daughters of the republic are one of the 20% of partcipants who go the distance (finishing like drowned but pretty rats). Brisk rub down with warm towels (it's a tough job....) and hot toddies soon perks them up though.
    Training 1 pt, 3 cardio 1 zumba, 1 pilates.

    WEEK 21- local low level derby- hobble through it ...

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  4. any advice

    hi i am a 28 year old father who has been thinking of doing my level 1 course in referee wru any advice :wales:
  5. 1st Game

    to start with i sat up in bed, to the annoyance of her indoors, reading the variations for U10's. only a few do and donts so not too much to worry about.

    i arrived in plenty of time to our club, no change there then, spoke to the U10's coach to see if they had been informed of my willingness to be the sacrificial lamb. funny enough neither had been told but were more than happy for me to do it.

    as the away team arrived a sense of de ja vue hit me as not 1 but 3 of the opposition ...
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