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    by Published on 17-07-11 15:07
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    This section is aimed at trying to get a better understanding of what is truly meant by the law book, which isn't always easy.

    We at RugbyRefs.com are committed to making the game consistent across all grades, and in this section you will find requests for clarification on laws we believe are not entirely clear.

    Some believe the laws of the game are a guide, but as referees, it's our only defence of what we have done on the pitch, and our only evidence for why. RugbyRefs.com believes that the law makers have been doing this for a long time, and whilst there are a few small contradictions still present, they have dramatically improved it over the last few years and know what they are trying to achieve.

    So, do the law makers really intend the game to be played as it is written? Or are we looking into some laws too deep? If the latter, how can we ever have the consistency we so desperately desire?

    As a privately owned website, RugbyRefs.com has no line of request to the IRB laws committee, and nor should we. We do however have more referees that are members than any other individual society or association in the world. So, here we are, hoping that someone with the ability to take it further will read our requests, believe that we have a point, and seek official clarification.