• Referee Rankings after the Pool Stages

    Well the ratings have been made and the table makes quite interesting reading.

    Paddy O'Brien and the rest of the iRB Referee team must be very pleased with themselves, although our tables ranks the referees, all have performed very well, and while someone has to come bottom, it's not been because they have refereed badly, but it's due to the exceptional refereeing of their colleagues.

    So here are the tables, you can see we have highlighted the Northern & Southern Hemisphere referees, as well as making the top score in each column bold.

    We know the Quarter Final appointments come out today, and if our members are correct the four referees that should be in the middle for these these will be Poite, Joubert, Barnes with a choice between Owens & Kaplan as the 4th/5th place (depending on what table you look at).

    Some people have speculated that as the Qtr final draw has split the hemispheres there will be 2 NH Refs and 2 SH refs. If this is the case Kaplan will get the nod ahead of Owens.

    The interesting part will be if the iRB put the Refs in their own hemisphere, or the other hemisphere. There are 2 ways to look at this, if the referee does the game from their hemisphere, the game may flow better because the teams will be used to that style of play, however it may also bring in (totally unfounded) allegations of bias.

    To put my money where my mouth is I think that if we are right in our ranks the appointments will be:

    NZ v Argentina - Kaplan
    Eng v Fra - Joubert
    South Africa v Australia - Barnes
    Ireland v Wales - Poite

    However, I don't believe we will have been rating exactly like the iRB, and my prediction for actual appointments are:

    NZ v Argentina - Barnes
    Eng v Fra - Rolland
    South Africa v Australia - Lawrence
    Ireland v Wales - Joubert

    We'll soon find out.
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    1. Speedbird's Avatar
      Speedbird -
      2 out of 4 pretty good going!
    1. Jenko's Avatar
      Jenko -
      Quote Originally Posted by Speedbird View Post
      2 out of 4 pretty good going!
      E v F ref Steve Walsh
      Joubert W v I
      Bryce Lawrence - Aus v SA
      Owens - NZ v Arg

      according to Brian Moore.
    1. Robert Burns's Avatar
      Robert Burns -
      Yes, announced on IRB website a while ago.

      2 out of 4 ain't bad.
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