• RWC 2011 Quarter Final Referees

    Paddy O'Brien, iRB Referee Manager, has today announced the officials that will stay on and work as officials at the knock out stages of the world cup.

    Wayne Barnes (England), George Clancy (Ireland), Craig Joubert (South Africa), Jonathan Kaplan (South Africa), Bryce Lawrence (New Zealand), Nigel Owens (Wales), Dave Pearson (England), Romain Poite (France), Alain Rolland (Ireland) and Steve Walsh (Australia) will perform Referee and Assistant Referee duties. Giulio De Santis (Italy) and Shaun Veldsman (South Africa) have been selected as the two specialist TMOs.

    For the Quarter Finals the following appointments have been made:

    Ireland v Wales - Referee: Craig Joubert, AR1: Wayne Barnes, AR2: Roman Poite, TMO: Giulio De Santis

    New Zealand v Argentina - Referee: Nigel Owens, AR1: Jonathan Kaplan, AR2: George Clancy, TMO: Shaun Veldsman

    South Africa v Australia - Referee: Bryce Lawrence, AR1: Dave Pearson, AR2: Roman Poite, TMO: Giulio De Santis

    England v France - Referee: Steve Walsh, AR1: Allain Rolland, AR2: George Clancy, TMO: Shaun Veldsman

    Congratulations to Craig, Nigel, Bryce & Steve.

    If we look back at history to see if there are any trends we can get from this we can see the following:

    Year Final Referee Refereed a Qtr or Semi Final? 3rd Place Referee Refereed a Qtr or Semi final? Semi Protection?
    1987 Kerry Fitzgerald (Aus) Semi Final Fred Howard (Eng) No No
    1991 Derek Bevan (Wal) Quarter Final Stephen Hilditch (Ire) No No
    1995 Ed Morrison (Eng) Quarter Final David Bishop (NZL) Quarter Final Yes
    1999 Andre Watson (RSA) No Peter Marshall (Aus) No Yes
    2003 Andre Watson (RSA) No Chris White (Eng) Semi Final No
    2007 Allain Rolland (Ire) Quarter Final Paul Honnis (NZL) No No

    As you can see there are four occasions when the Final referee has refereed another knock out game, and 2 occasions where they have not. This clearly shows that no referee is out of the running yet, but in most occasions the final referee has appeared in a Quarter final first.

    Interestingly the bronze final referee has nearly always not refereed another game.

    The Semi protection is where the bronze and final referees teams play each other, and where it looks like the referee for the final would have been determined by this game.

    So, how is this going to all play out?

    ok, Well I like having a prediction, and I did ok with 50% correct on my Quarter Final Predictions. Assuming there are no major controversies.

    I'll cover all bases:

    Semi-final 1
    Ireland v England - Jonathon Kaplan
    Ireland v France - Wayne Barnes
    Wales v England - Allain Rolland
    Wales v France - Wayne Barnes

    Semi-final 2
    New Zealand v South Africa - Roman Poite
    New Zealand v Australia - George Clancy
    Argentina v - Ok, I'm not predicting an Argentina win over the All Blacks!

    Final/Bronze Final Referees Craig Joubert & Bryce Lawrence, The game between South Africa & New Zealand dictating who get's what game. It's only speculation, but we'll see how I do.

    What do the rest of you think?
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    1. dave_clark -
      i don't understand the "semi protection" column, would you be able to advise what this means? i know you've had a go above, but i'm a bit simple .
    1. Robert Burns's Avatar
      Robert Burns -
      Basically where the 3rd place referees Nation and the Finals referee nation played each other in the semi final.

      So the result of that game has to be the deciding factor in which one of them referees the final, I believe that may happen this year with possibly an RSA v NZ Semi final.
    1. dave_clark -
      noooooooooo - not Bryce doing the final...
    1. ruareftrev91's Avatar
      ruareftrev91 -
      So,is your logic we must have a NZ presence in the final?
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