• Referee Web Awards 2012

    The Referee Web Awards for 2012 are about to start, I shall be posting websites with a poll to see what award you believe it should get.

    All website sthat are listed on this page: http://www.rugbyrefs.com/wiki/index....d_Associations will be judged. If you believe a site is missing, please post its URL in this thread and we will add it if it is relevant.

    We apologise, but at this time Rugby League website will not be eligible due to not having enough Rugby League Referee Members.

    A lot of hard work goes into websites, trust me, I know! And it makes a massive difference when these unsung heroes of referee societies & associations take on the job, and make a success of it. The fact that very few unions have their own referee website (Poland, NZ, Hong Kong being a few that do) that gives advice, documentation and updates shows how important these people are. So your reviewing and voting is much appreciated by us and them.

    In this modern world a website is the first impression a person will get of your society/association, and no matter how well the society works in developing their members, a bad website gives just as much a bad impression as a referee with socks rolled down, shirt hanging out & a whistle hanging around their neck.

    Only members of RugbyRefs.com will be permitted to vote on the awards, and you may not vote for your own society or association's website.

    How you judge a website is purely subjective, we generally try to keep the criteria very simple.

    1, Does it have good information on the site (docs & guides for referees).
    2, Does it have articles and news, if so, is it up to date (within last 4 months for those out of season).
    3, Is the layout pleasing to the eye and easy to navigate around.

    There is no requirement for the website to link to RugbyRefs. The award is there to reward the hard work of those that put effort in, not to try and force sites to link to us. If they do win an award it is also up to their mamangement if they wish to display it or not.

    Every country will then have a website chosen to be the best in the country. And the top websites from each country (providing they have Gold awards) will be put forward to be the best referee website in the world.

    Last years winners were Warwickshire in the UK. I note a lot of websites have improved since last year, so it will be interesting to see if Warwickshire can defend the award.

    Good Luck!
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      downtime -
      Cant wait!!
    1. downtime's Avatar
      downtime -
      Hey Rob, Leinster refs website is www.arlb.ie and not www.arlb.net as the wiki page says
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