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    by Published on 06-11-09 06:11
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    rilling theball back with the hand

    Thread Starter: didds

    ISTR there was something about no longer beign permitted to roll the ball back with the hands in the ruck, and that it had to be done with the foot? see the red #9 in yesterday's FRA v WAL game, seocnd half at leasrt (I missed the first half)...

    Last Post By: Camquin 4 Hours Ago Go to last post

    Exeter v Wasps .. penalty

    Thread Starter: crossref

    Well, if that was a PK why not a PT (Exeter pulling down the maul, 4m from own line, 4 minutes to go

    Last Post By: Dickie E 8 Hours Ago Go to last post

    Hand offs

    Thread Starter: crossref

    good video from WB on hand offs -- but sadly doesn't address the question of what is 'excessive force' 9.24 A ball-carrier is permitted to hand off an opponent provided excessive force is not used.

    Last Post By: didds 15 Hours Ago Go to last post
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