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DIARY OF A B52 REF (aged 29 3/4 forever) with apologies to Sue Townsend

week 13

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WEEK 13-decent level league match (but means i miss out on reffing royal vets v their oldboys which is always followed by one of the bacchanalian highlights of the season) Goes pretty well-adviser (who knows me well) gives me my report BEFORE the match and is pretty much spot on (great management but you're not fit enough)
Sunday - top ladies game -great fun and i sort of keep up.
Midweek - fast students -good game am o.k but a bit off the pace. last week's ladies are training on next pitch so pop over to support "our ref" -american skip even brings her dad over to introduce him (tell her its a bit soon to be meeting the folks which q.amuses her teammates)
Training- 2 gentle cardio, physio, zumba.
Central meet with dr. raj persaud on "pyschology of officiating" - we all behave and nobody asks if it's all his own work. Good stuff if familiar -i.e don't dwell on decisions get on with your game and don't overfocus on certain areas e.g areas for improvement or areas of topical contention to the extent that you miss other stuff (does the gorilla on the pitch experiment) E.G ref manager even if paddy o'b wants you to be hot on the breakdown so you miss the offside argie (yes WB was present)
Far too many beers afterwards.