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1st Game

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to start with i sat up in bed, to the annoyance of her indoors, reading the variations for U10's. only a few do and donts so not too much to worry about.

i arrived in plenty of time to our club, no change there then, spoke to the U10's coach to see if they had been informed of my willingness to be the sacrificial lamb. funny enough neither had been told but were more than happy for me to do it.

as the away team arrived a sense of de ja vue hit me as not 1 but 3 of the opposition had been on the ELRA course the previous weekend. i offered them the second match for their own sacrificial lamb.

the game started well with some tough running and punishing tackles from both sides, not penalising every knock on and only calling the obvious ones i believe was the right decision, i seemed to be doing a lot of ball watching and tried my hardest to step away from the rucks/mauls and scrums once formed. as a mini game i allowed discretion at the offside line and was fortunate enough not to see a forward pass all game.

after the game i had a few pointers from the opposition and our own coaches, all this taken on board i am more than happy with my first outing, i am looking forward to my first society meeting this week and hopefully getting another ref'ing gig next weekend.

I think the waiting is the worst


  1. Robert Burns's Avatar
    Well done jynxy. Glad it all went well for you.