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Week 2 of league

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Today I had to go to Croydon for a U12 game followed by the U16. I'm getting sick, or hopefully on the tail end which kind of sucks, but I'm just pushing through it. My thoughts on the U12 game, man can those kids whine, after asking, telling, finally once they got PK'd did they stop. Other than that positive remarks from both coaches. I did make one law error that was brought up, I gave a 20m optional instead of a 20m dropout for a ball that went out on the full off a PK, not game changing though so all was good.

The U16 game was a lot more running and a lot better skill level. The away team only brought 14 players and one went down with an injury before kickoff so we were left with 13. Overall positive reviews the coach's remarks after the game were generally positive, and was corrected on one thing, I gave a scrum on two separate occasions on a 5th tackle knock-on, but now that I know all is good.

So tomorrow back to union, 3 sevens games in the AM and a colts game at 2 with miked up ARs so should be a productive weekend.

Can't wait to do more


  1. The Fat's Avatar
    can you expand on the 20m drop out scenario in the U12 game. Not sure I get what happened.
  2. ckuxmann's Avatar
    There was a pk that was kicked dead into touch in-goal, instead of into touch. I gave a 20m tap when it should've been a 20m dropout.