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First Rugby League game

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Today I had my first rugby league game. It was a U14 boys game. I found that in the first half I was trying to break a lot and a few times had to remind myself to get back 10. The interesting thing is that my game started with a kickoff and the team recieved it and were tackled into the in goal, so we started with the goal line dropout. At half I had a referee coach watching me, and he asked if I was enjoying it. I then gave him my self assessment, which he was surprised on, which was I needed to work harder on getting the tens. He said he agreed and was impressed that I brought that by myself for it being my first game. In the second half I felt that it was much better in terms of general refereeing, as in running proper lines and such.

He was headed back to the London 9s, and I asked if I could come along to watch, and he said you can ref if you want. So went there and reffed 9s, I do have to say that 9s is a great game for me. Seeing as how I like 7s, 9s let me run a lot more, I still don't enjoy the fact that there isn't a point of contest, but that's neither here nor there, it's a different sport that is enjoyable to ref.

As to my 9s, the games were very enjoyable my first were two teams that wanted to play wide open rugby, it was great, compliments from both coaches about how the game was reffed, I didn't think I did bad, but didn't think it was to good either.

In between I got to get in some TJing which was a lot of running as compared to union.

My second 9s game was much more fun... The game was faster and was determining who won the plate final, it was the final game of a round robin where if the green team won by 7 points they would take the plate. It turned out to be a game where there was a little bit of off the ball, nothing major, but they both wanted to play very aggressive to the point of where the game was waiting for that one thing to tip it over. It never came.

All in all, I enjoyed today a lot, I'm looking forward to doing some more games. I think the biggest thing that I like about it is the continuity and fitness I can get. It will be a great addition to my off season training.


  1. RLRef1984's Avatar
    Well done mate, as I said on the main boards I'm glad you've gave it a shot and got some games under your belt, hopefully you'll do plenty over the summer and enjoy it.

    Who was the referee coach btw?
  2. Robert Burns's Avatar
    Well done Cody. Sounds like you did well.
  3. Lee Lifeson-Peart's Avatar
    Well done Cody.

    RL - you know it makes sense.
  4. crammond1964's Avatar
    makes you realize how important the offside lines are ; as in league strictly enforced as therefore allows space . Players are more aware of league laws as there are less !