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Weekend 1 8/23 & 8/25

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The season has started kinda...
This weekend I AR'd Premiership U18s, TJ'd a RL international, and reffed England women 7s selection camp.

During the Premiership U18s I had London Irish, Harlequins, and Saracens in a round robin. Some really good games, things I picked up are the pre-match briefing of balance and stability as a factor in the scrums. I'm going to take this into my first game this weekend (8/31 L8 friendly)

The 7s camp went great, the coaches were impressed and were very happy to give feedback and asked for things to be pinpointed during the games, ie focus on sealing off and forget about not rolling for instance, it was fun and engaging. I really enjoyed it, and it was a decent standard. I'm looking forward to the real start of the season though.