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Sunday 1 Sept

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On Sunday I had a tournament-Esher Presidents Cup. Good tourney with a lot of the top London schools (Hampton, John Fisher, Abingdon, whitgift, Brighton, and Henley). I did three games, my first game-Hampton vs Abingdon, my second was Henley vs whitgift, and my third was the final being John Fisher vs whitgift.

In the first game I felt had two issues, the scrum and lineout. The scrum was more a dominant side vs a small side so wasn't really me, we reset a few scrums due to 45, and they were very slow wheels. The lineouts were a comment from the coach, being that a lot of the time they would bring them down, and obstruct. Was very happy with my pillars and communications.

Second game had very positive reviews from both coaches. I felt my scrums were much better as well as my lineouts.

Third game, the final, I felt there were too many pks, but they werent seeming to listen either. The YC in this tourney was defined as a substitution so they really wouldn't have helped. I did pull a YC for not 10 after a player didn't retreat at a quick penalty. My lineouts were much better as were my scrums. I was very happy. I did however have one issue of positioning a player took a fairly flat pass just behind me as I stepped through the defensive line and I got a good hit, made the crowd happy :-P

Afterwards chatting with my ARs from the final he said that it was reffed well, and the pks weren't going to be changed no matter how hard you'd have tried. The one comment that was made was that I've stopped being a ball of energy. Where I just run around and catch people. I'm now very much calm, cool and collected. which I thought was a great comment as I'd focused on not being so frantic a lot last season