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Danie Rossouw's World Cup Diary - September 12st 2011

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Disclaimer - This comes from a friend, so not my writing, but too good not to pass on.

12 September 2011:

Jus man, that were close. After all the talk and after all the build up, we managed to do what many peoples did not fink we was capable off doing, we won wiff John on the field for most of the match.

I guess this proves the coach right about John being the best hooker in the world. Maybe there just is not any competition, because I did watch the England game on Saturday and I did see their number two kiss the other number two and I was always taughted that real hookers don't kiss.

But my hats does goes off to Whales too. They did play very well, because some of the times I did run wiff the ball, they did manage to make me knock the ball on, which is very unusual for me. Their captain did play with an unfair advantage, because he has the word "war" in his names. If we had a player in our team named after a fighting event or a warring machine, I is sure we would to betters. Must check with Victor if "Chilli" can be dangerous to other players, to give us an advantage.

Speaking off Victor, he are getting too old and cannot play a full game anymore. I are usually a "super-sub", but the coach did needed me for the full eighty minutes. I are very fit, but as fit as I are, Pierre are amazing. He are so fit, that after the game he did do one thousand push-ups and one thousand sit-ups in the changing rooms. I don't know how we do it. It almost like he did not do anyfing in the match.

After the match, many of the media peoples were complaining about one of the kicks, which they did say was a kick, but then the others did say it was not a kick. I don't know if a knee to the head counts as a kick, but I are glad that I are not that poor Argentinian oke.

Next up are Fiji and they did look very dangerous in their first match, so the coach might play his strongest team instead of the B team that did played on Sunday. Wiff Jean out for ten days, it be most likely that are to play at centre.