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    Wales vs Eng - Knock on and Time back on after asking captain to speak to players

    Thread Starter: Flish

    Iím English, Iím biased, but not convinced the French ref is having a good game. In reverse order; 2nd Welsh try, for me the Welsh winger is in possession as trying to gather the ball, knocks forward on to himself, doesnít regather therefore a knock on. 1st try, kudos to Wales for spotting...

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    Benefit Reverse Osmosis

    Thread Starter: MCDanny

    Hi, I want to ask you about reverse osmosis based water filters. I found one of the reverse osmosis water filter products on this web https://watercare.co.id/point-of-usage-pou/drinking-water-system/under-the-sink.html . Is it true about the benefits of RO which can eliminate viruses and bacteria?...

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    Jumping or Diving Clarification required

    Thread Starter: ctrainor

    Thinking about the debate the Johnny May try has created I think world rugby need to look at this and clarify what constitutes a fair competition. If Johnny May had caught the Italian defender with his knee, he would have been penalised and possibly yellow or red carded for dangerous play. If...

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    Dickie E

    Sonja drama

    Thread Starter: Dickie E

    I have such mixed thoughts on this. 1. Interviewer (gender irrelevant) clearly attempts to bait Farrell 2. Interviewer cops social media abuse for doing so 3. Interviewer sits in car crying because of the abuse 4. RFU apologises for the abuse Something about "heat" and "kitchens" comes to...

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    Technology solutions for rugby officials

    Thread Starter: Dinoman

    Please take a look at our website www.sportsofficialsolutions.com for all the latest information on our apps for Rugby Referees, Advisors and 4th Officials (and Hockey Umpires)

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