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    International and 1st class scrums, time to stop the clock?

    Thread Starter: ctrainor

    Watching the games yesterday and most games, you can predict when scrums were going to take 2 minutes or longer. The referees and authorities need to get a grip of this. It makes such a boring spectacle and ruins the game. For me the clock should be stopped the first time a scrum has to be...

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    Jumping or Diving Clarification required

    Thread Starter: ctrainor

    Thinking about the debate the Johnny May try has created I think world rugby need to look at this and clarify what constitutes a fair competition. If Johnny May had caught the Italian defender with his knee, he would have been penalised and possibly yellow or red carded for dangerous play. If...

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    two matches five reds!

    Thread Starter: oldman

    Have to ask. Watched two premiership match's so far this weekend, and have seen five red cards, (all justified). My question is , when will players learn, tackle below the waist. Given it's what all my clubs mini and junior coaches teach, along with run for space not face, it isn't that hard to...

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    Legality of the ankle tap

    Thread Starter: buff

    Was there ever a time that the ankle tap was considered illegal? If so when did the change occur either in law or in practice to allow it? The question came up in our Facebook group. Thanks

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