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    Although generally the kick off is not a problem for most referees there can be occassions where the right approach can help you in the long run of the game.

    Areas that normally make a referee blow their whistle are:-
    • Players in front of the kicker
    • Kick off being taken infront of the half way line
    • Defence are not behind the 10 metre line
    • Wrong type of kick
    There is no real right and wrong way to officiate the game to the Laws and websites like this can only advise you on common situations. The only person out there on the day is you, so it has to be your call on the spot.

    Players in front of the kicker

    The best method for making sure you don't have a problem with this is to make a comment to the kicker, before they are ready to kick, "Keep your players behind you please". You'll generally find that this comment on the first couple of restarts will alert the kicker to the fact you are watching and they will ensure their team complies.

    Should you have a kick off and you think it was close, don't pull them back on that occassion, wait until the next restart or kick off and tell the kicker that it was too close last time and you want the players behind them.

    This does not negate the problem occuring but hopefully will reduce it dramatically. Should the players be well ahead of the kicker at a Kick Off or Restart, the Referee should always whistle for the offence.

    Kick off taken in front of the half way line

    When we refer to this we are not talking about 1 inch, we mean a clear distance. Once again prevention is the best method and a small comment of "On or behind the line please" should help them to do it the way you want.

    As before if you think a kick was close to being too far out, then wait till the next kick off and let the kicker know that they were too close.
    If the kick is clearly too far or they are not listening to your helpful comment then blow, the kicker will soon get the message.

    Defence are not behind the 10 metre line

    This will probably be your easiest to manage, If you spot it before the kick off is taken tell the player(s) concerned to get back and then allow the kick off to take place.

    Should you see it as the kick off is being taken but the player(s) do not interfere with play, play on and have a word at the next opportunity, should they interfere with play and their team get the ball, whistle for the kick to be taken again.

    Wrong type of kick

    Generally if you have this problem you will be refereeing teams that have a kicker who has not played much before, If this is the case a quick whistle asking them to take the kick again with a drop kick should suffice, although once you do this you may find yourself giving a lot of "not gone 10" offences. Players ability is not something the Referee can rule on.