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  1. Re: Travelling to games, remember that experience?

    Small world. I lived in Barrow and Walney so know there can be a bit of weather sometimes :-)
    Where is the highest rugby club in England ? Anyone know ?
    Strong winds always make for some fun as a...
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    [In-goal] Re: Danny Care Try

    Me too !
    I have received feedback before , warning me about a grounding needs to be "immediate" and I should not allow a wrestling match.
    In this example, I would have expected the ball down ASAP....
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    [Law] Re: What's your worst nightmare?

    I've marked a PK incorrectly. Actually I think I almost did it twice. It happened just after half-time and the team shirts were close in colour. I guess my brain forgets that teams have changed ends...
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    Re: 5 worst ref decision

    Hi Crossref,
    "he gave a PK (correct)" - That one is debatable for me. The ball travels backwards from the hand (for me and many others apprently ;-) ). This was heavily debated at the time.
  5. [Law] Some new laws to make the game more attractive

    Just reading that piece my Matt Dawson.
    He makes some good points.
    Whilst , as a ref, its pain to keep changing the laws, I do fear for the future...
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    Re: Refs returning after lockdown

    Have reffed a couple of games in Sept + Oct before lockdown 2.0. These were only "read4rugby" rules. Found the games much faster and, after the first time anyway, my calf-muscles were really painful...
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    Re: Exeter Racing .. Slade

    Do we think that PK on the Exeter goal-linem for the turnover, was fair ?
    NO says "No hands" - then awards the PK to Exeter. I guess coming in from the side doesnt apply if you are in your own...
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    Re: Exeter Racing .. Slade

    Exactly what I thought - admittedly from the advantage of the slightly raised camera angle. Suprised TMO didnt have a word in his shell-like.
    Great game though and I reckon that our of the last few...
  9. [Law] Re: Quick taps, poor refereeing standards at top level

    Good chat with J P Doyle about the Dan Robson quick tap try can be found on this Monday's EggChasers Rugby Podcast.
    He made some good points:.
    The captain is allowed to ask the ref to clarify a...
  10. [Law] Re: Does half-time end if PK is kicked dead ? Exeter v Bath

    Thanks Ian. I think that highlights my point. If you choose a scrum you could be pinged for a PK and allow the team a chance to attack. i.e. the award of the PK would ensure the half is not ended....
  11. [Law] Re: Does half-time end if PK is kicked dead ? Exeter v Bath

    Cheers. Yes - this is how I was interpreting it. I just wanted to make sure all other refs are consistent with this interpretation too. I had heard some were applying similar logic for a knock-on...
  12. [Law] Re: Does half-time end if PK is kicked dead ? Exeter v Bath

    Just to double check that. The law doesn't mention anything about a bounce. It just says about not being touched by another ok layer. Just wondered if others are also interpreting that word 'direcly'...
  13. [Law] Re: Does half-time end if PK is kicked dead ? Exeter v Bath

    So the conclusion is that ,as per my original post - rather than tap then kick directly to touch, it would be a good tactic to go for a kick at.goal to get the additional 60 seconds run down of the...
  14. [Law] Does half-time end if PK is kicked dead ? Exeter v Bath

    End of first half in the Exeter v Bath semi-final.
    Time has expired. ( > 40 mins on click ). Exeter have a man in sin-bin with about 3:30 mins left on that sin-bin time.
    A scrum ( which was...
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    [Law] Re: Why isn't this pre binding penalised ?

    Cheers CR. I was wondering if anyone else penalises or, at least, find it negative.

    For the benefit if other readers . Here's the definition I am using ..

    Flying wedge: An illegal type of...
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    [Law] Why isn't this pre binding penalised ?

    In the Wasps Brstol game, there were numerous cases of (mainly Wasps) pre binding with more than 1 player and...
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    [In-goal] Re: Try: Yes or No? Or?

    Looks like one of Law 21.17 - If there is doubt about which team first grounded the ball in in-goal, play is restarts with a five-metre scrum, in line with the place where the ball was grounded. The...
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    [Law] Re: Why isn't this offisde under 10m law ?

    Thanks for all inputs so far !
    There seems a general acceptance that the law should be re-written.
    I'm no legal expert, but let's see if I can have a version 0.1....

    Definitions : Add a...
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    [Law] Re: Why isn't this offisde under 10m law ?

    Thanks Crossref. That is the key to me. Some have argued that a charge down has to have actually been charged downnfor it to count under this exemption from the 10m law. Others say that a minimal...
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    [Law] Why isn't this offisde under 10m law ?

    At 4mins 53 s YouTube time...

    Are we all ok with tthat try?
    This matter has come up in other threads but when is a charge-down different form a touch ?
    Or does the...
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    [Line out] Re: Is double-banking back?

    Except in some cases its not a PK. see
    I wonder of refs are being hyper-aware of the accidental offside scenario ( with uncontested mauls ) that...
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    Re: Barnes on the breakdown

    I havent received any new direction or missive from my regional society.
    Has anyone else ? Or is this only for the elite level(s) ?
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    [Law] Lifters lift a teammate to block a PK

    Scroll forward to 1min 29secs in the video.
    I used to think this was illegal, is it still. If so, law reference please ..

    It is not illegal for a conversion right ?
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    J P Doyle video interview

    Interesting !

    Love the story about the advantage over call at the end of Saracens Gloucester game. We've all been there !
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    [Golden Oldies] Re: Mornington Sevens

    Is it too late for me to play "Elephant and Castle".
    Or can I not be "in Huff" under this variation ?
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