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    Re: Where are you this weekend - 2021/22?

    Good to see you back in the saddle :)
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    Re: These goal line dropouts

    Personally I have always had a problem with the 5m attacking scrum for a ball held up over the line. To my mind, if the defence have been canny enough/demonstrated great positive defensive play they...
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    [Law] Re: "Why the **** did you do that?"

    Technically by lifting the ball the #9 has taken the ball out of the Scrum.

    By placing it back on the ground in-front of the feet of the hindmost player he has placed the ball back in the scrum....
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    Re: Where are you this weekend 20/21?

    Well he took too long declaring, and never enforced the 'Follow-On", so the jury may be out on that one :o)
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    [Law] Re: Gloucester vs Saints

    Surprised that Karl Dixon didn't keep his eye on the #9 (he being an ex #9), but guess he was trusting his AR/TMO to pick that up.

    Definite YC and PK where the ball lands - or 15m in from touch...
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    Re: Applying the laws - NO

    And to add further fuel to the fire, the 'throw in' at the scrum by the Scottish #9 at the weekend :wtf:
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    Re: Disgraceful disciplinary decision

    I think we are missing a point here.

    Was the Red Card report (and the case before the EPCR Committee) wording changed? Didn't see the match so have no idea what the referee said when he showed...
  8. [Law] Re: Does half-time end if PK is kicked dead ? Exeter v Bath

    In their efforts to 'simplify' the Laws the iRB have created some confusions.

    Fair question bearing in mind the ball can "kicked directly dead" if there is a genuine attempt at goal that misses...
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    [Law] Re: Why isn't this pre binding penalised ?

    Personally I don't have an issue with the pre-binding, as long as they are behind the ball thereby allowing a tackle to be made and a fair contest.

    The issue that i have with this at the dizzy...
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    Re: How Long will He Likely be Banned for?

    6 weeks is my guess
  11. [CLUB RUGBY] Re: United Arab Emirates Billionaire to buy French club

    I wasn't aware that France had a salary cap, which is why so many of the top cubs are in the financial mire?
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    [In-goal] Re: Try: Yes or No? Or?

    Isn't she just! One of the benefits of rugby being on BT Sport.
  13. [Kit] Re: Are these studs legal really desperate to know!

    If the boots have the relevant kite mark then "yes".

    However, as a referee we can refuse them on the grounds of safety - if they are a little sharp. It is a debate that has raged in the game -...
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    [In-goal] Re: Try: Yes or No? Or?

    I'd have said "No", defender got there first - my justification being that his right arm was underneath that of the Red attacking player and appeared to have touched the ball to the ground first.
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    [Line out] Re: Is double-banking back?

    I can't understand why this is not spotted more at the elite level.

    If I can spot a support player stepping into the gap and pulling the jumper into him, then so can an AR - who has moved to the...
  16. Re: Crusaders vs Blues kick to touch in the 3rd minute

    18.2 (b) seems to cover what you have described

    A player jumps, from within or outside the playing area, and catches the ball, and then lands in the playing area, regardless of whether the...
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    [Law] Re: Lifters lift a teammate to block a PK
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    Re: cross code "test"

    There is a history of something similar.

    Back in the 80s Bath played either Wigan or Hull KR in two matches; one played to League rules and the other to Union Laws. If memory serves the League...
  19. [Scrum] Re: Advantage applied if ball deliberately kicked out of scrum tunnel

    I'm guessing that because the act of kicking a ball out of the scrum is not only illegal (PK) but also because it is dangerous play in that a boot will be in close proximity to the head of an...
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    [Law] Re: Lifters lift a teammate to block a PK

    Except you are allowed to attempt to charge down a conversion kick
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    [Law] Re: Lineout - blocking throw / throw not 5m

    First time is FK then there is the opportunity, if it happens again, to escalate to a full arm PK
  22. Re: a good example of the momentum "forward pass"

    Ball clearly went backward - look at the direction of the hands in the initial live run. looks an even worse call in slow motion.
  23. [Law] Re: World Rugby approves law trials to reduce coronavirus risk

    But the software is already in your phone. You are tracked all the time. Just not with an 'official government app'
  24. [Law] Re: World Rugby approves law trials to reduce coronavirus risk

    I believe that Welsh Rugby has also indicated that it won't be adopting them either.

    RFU is remaining quiet - as far as I am aware - at this stage. Probably because of the whole Premiership...
  25. [Law] Re: World Rugby announces law amendment relating to scoring against the post protecto

    Because then you'd have to mandate the depth of the 'In goal' area to ensure an equal opportunity of scoring from either a PK, conversion or Drop Goal. If I award a PK 18m out from the Goal line and...
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